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Oct. 26th, 2009


It all happened so fast.

Ima just post pictures, 'cause dang.

Huge photospam of hugenessCollapse )

Those are all from a span of about two weeks, not quite in order, but as of yesterday the carpet is done and all the sinks/countertops are finished. All that is left to do is some landscaping in the front, appliances and window treatments. I close on the 10th of November! Hizzah!

May. 21st, 2009


Second LJ spider story

While driving home in heavy traffic today, a spider fell down the front of my shirt- you know, ah, betwixt. It took me ten minutes to get to a parking lot where I could stop, get my blouse off and kill it. Thank heaven I was wearing an undershirt. I'm sure the people next to me on the road were wondering what on earth was going on.

That is all. <salute>

Mar. 25th, 2009


Still here

In lieu of a real post (for now!), I give you... childrens!

And a family wearing saris in Singapore, where I renewed my Chinese visa and finally got to see Batman. Twice during my three month stay in Beijing, I went to work on a Friday, came home, ate dinner, packed my bag, took a cab to the airport, flew six hours to Singapore, slept for three hours in the airport, explored the city during the day, then went back to the airport for a midnight flight to Beijing to be back in my hotel by 6am Sunday and at work Monday morning. SO worth it! Singapore is my new favorite place ever! Plus, Batman, ohmygoodness. I nearly died when I saw the huge poster and realized it was playing.

And a bad picture- watching the Olympic opening ceremonies from a public park near my hotel. I went with a Hollander who also stayed in my hotel, and her two young Chinese friends. Very cool! Groups from about 20 countries were represented in this crowd, and the Bird's Nest was about fifteen miles to the upper right of this photo.

Anyway! Surviving the new job- actually it's fantastic, I'm having a great time. The people are wonderful. My unofficial mentors are hilarious and we watch all the same shows, which is odd since... well, you've read this journal. I'm not exactly tuning in to the usual PBS fare. I shared Robot Chicken's "The Star Trek Opera" and it went over well, so that should give you an idea of what it's like there. :D Awesome.

More later! Getting up at six really wipes me out, hence the lack of posts. I'm still keeping up on my flist though. 

Yaaaaay employment!

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Jan. 13th, 2009


First day jitters

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaah! 

First day of work tomorrow, gotta get up at 6 which means I should be sleeping now but I'm not because I'm soooo excited and okay fine a bit nervous but it's okay because all my stuff is lined up ready to go in the morning and I'll have lots of coffee and people keep posting great fics about all sorts of things and it's a lot easier to read them than sleep, so huzzah!


(I was watching the news today and heard about the thousands of people who showed up at the career fair for the studio that's moving to town. Can't say I'm not glad to have given that a miss...)

Goals for tomorrow:
-don't fall over
 -learn employee number
 -learn employee 'entity' number and 'sub entity' number (???)
 -meet people, and try to remember their names if possible
 -don't get lost somewhere along the commute

I'll let you folks know how that works out. :D
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Jan. 6th, 2009

In ur skoolz

On Resolve (and EXCITEMENT!)

This icon! It is not accurate!

'cause I am NO LONGER in ur skoolz fixin ur 'puterz. I am IN UR STOCK EXCHANGE FIXIN UR 'PUTERZ because I TOTALLY AM EMPLOYED NOW! OMG!

Just faxed in the contract today. I'm... wow. Overwhelmed. And really, really excited. I may have danced. They didn't get back to me before Christmas so I thought aw man, they got someone else- not like it's HARD to find someone else when a thousand people show up to your career fair -and I sorta gave up. But, gave the manager a call yesterday just to make sure and he said aaaactually you're in! WOO!

So lots of prayers went into that. Actually it was at church that I got the tip they were hiring, which allowed me to scoot my resume under the door before the paper announced it, which rocked. I need to call Don because every Sunday he would seek me out and drill me about where I had applied, then make a million suggestions, and generally be my advocate.

Anyway! Happy new year all! I've obviously started mine well. This has done a lot to pull me out of the "I'm unemployable and useless" depression. I'm determined to a) reply to all the emails that have stacked up while I took a trip to blues-land and b) meet this new challenge with cheer and resolve.

Eep, I start next week!

Oh, and my sidebar for no particular reason- including note to self and disturbing affinity for LOLcats:


Dec. 24th, 2008


Musings on Christmas Eve

I have nothing better to do!

The other great mystery, of course, is why the cat is sitting at the table... possibly linked to why most of my posts seem to have some mention of him lately. I like the one squinty eye there.

Having a fantastic Christmas here folks- hope the same for you!
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Dec. 18th, 2008

rub on tha walls

Merry Christmas

Shock! I made a card this year! Mostly because I needed something to give to the grandparents who are impossible to shop for- but I'll share because I like how it came out. Glee!

Edit- did some stuff, new version is on top...

First version is below; of course, I spaced and did the edits on the tiny jpg version instead of the big psd file! Bah, and humbug and all that.

Click for biggness, I think. Now I'm looking at it and seeing the need for some warmer colors.

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NPH dancing

419! 419!

Bwahahaha, I got my first 419 scam email! 

Now do I report and get on with my life, or string them along mercilessly? 

Text is under the cut.Collapse )

They were moderately clever and used a name close to the (what I assume is) legit "Emirates Investment Group." Also, I'm sure that Twenty Five Million Dollars totally deserves the caps... it certainly would if it, you know, existed.

"We're emailing addresses that may or may not work to see if their owners would like to have our money." Bzns sense - we haz it.

Nov. 5th, 2008

Unlikely Cat Lady

It is COLD today. And windy like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday? Gorgeous. I wore crops and a t-shirt most of the day (trip to Walmart merited jeans). It got nasty just in time for my aunts from North Dakota to come down- I'm hoping that by the time they get here after midnight, the gale forces will have gotten bored and moved north.

Betwixt mad 'company is coming' cleaning, which I've discussed before, and a brief expedition to the Tijeras library, I've been sharing the couch with my ball of fluff BC. Here he is in grainy held-up-my-laptop-to-snap-a-webcam-still glory: nose pointed toward the space heater, furry bulk cutting off circulation to my knees. The book on the armrest is 'Unlikely Cat Lady' by Nina Malkin, and I must shrug and think "Yeah, okay. It's a little bit true."

Oct. 29th, 2008

Turkey Stew

Sometime this week I intend to put up pictures from my jaunt to Colorado with vbee  last weekend, 'cause it was really fantastic. In the mean time, I did a writeup of a recipe for the Fellowship in Food blog run by my good friend Dan. Crosspost alert!

I'm going to preface this recipe with a warning: it requires a slow cooker (or crock pot, depending on where you grew up). The good news... crock pots are cheap. A 2 quart model can be had for $10 at Walmart, and you could up that to a 6 quart for $20ish. I got my 6 quart (in red!) for $15 because it was on sale at Target. If possible, look for these features:

-A dial with four settings: 'off' 'low' 'hot' and 'warm.' The 'warm' is really invaluable.

-A pot with a removable crock section for easy cleaning. In layman's terms, it means you can lift the cooking vessel out of the heater and wash it. If your model does not separate, DO NOT SUBMERGE IT. Danger danger danger. And, you know, $10 down the drain 'cause you have to get a new one.
Now, on to the good stuff. This recipe can be scaled up or down depending on your needs, but heck... make six quarts and freeze five for later, you'll eat like royalty for a week. Also, it's honestly pennies per serving.

Turkey Stew with Wild RiceCollapse )

I'll update this post later with a picture. Guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow?


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